Iron Out Outdoor
Rust Stain Remover

Iron Out Outdoor is a pre-mixed and ready to use liquid formula that removes rust stains fast on surfaces outside the home. The professional grade formula is tough on rust stains, yet safe on plants if used on surfaces near vegetation. Iron Out Outdoor may be applied with a tank sprayer, cloth or roller with no scrubbing required. It is designed for exterior walls, sidewalks, driveways, decks, patios, fencing and much more!


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Saving Money with Iron Out

We live just outside city limits and have a well system. We use just a tiny amount of Iron Out each month in our water softener salt bin which has resolved our iron problem. I have saved literally hundreds of dollars at the salon because we no longer have to have our hair stripped of iron!
Lisa St. Michael, MN

The Only Thing That Works

I am a nurse by profession, and white, professional looking uniforms are a must. Unfortunately the area I live in gets its public water supply from a deep well, and contains a lot of iron. Over time my white uniforms turn yellow, and bleach just makes it worse. I saw your White Brite product at the store and decided to give it a try. To my amazement it took out all of the yellow, and did not affect the embroidered logos on my uniforms. I am so glad I finally found a product that works.
Justin Florence, South Carolina

Truly a Miracle

Our well water is FULL of iron. We have a water softening system that takes the iron out of the house water but no outside faucets are connected to it. In order to fill our pool, we connect a hose to the shower. The softener ran out of salt and we got a horrible iron stain in the bottom of our bathtub. I thought it was hopelessly stained forever, but decided to give IRON OUT a try. It was truly a miracle. The entire huge stain came right out with very little effort. This made a true believer out of me. I LOVE IT and would highly recommend it to anyone with an iron water well.

Peg Clewiston, FL

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Product Name:

Iron OutŪ Outdoor

Available Sizes:

1 gallon

What it Does:

Iron Out Outdoor is a pre-mixed, professional grade, ready-to-use liquid that easily removes tough rust stains. Iron Out Outdoor can be used on concrete and asphalt driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios, fencing, docks, plastic, fiberglass, boats, around the pool and much more.

How it Works:

Iron Out Outdoor contains an aggressive chelating agent that safely binds and removes ugly orange iron stains.

How Often to Use:

Iron Out Outdoor is recommended to be used when new rust stains appear inside or outside your home.

Non-Compatible Surfaces/Materials:

Iron Out Outdoor is not recommended for us on:

  • Natural Marble
  • Terrazo
  • Brick with Iron Oxide Pigments
  • Indoor Appliances (i.e. Washing Machine)

Precautions and Safety:
  • Do not mix with other chemicals
  • Reacts violently with alkaline material
  • This product may react with reducing agents
  • Always wear chemical resistant gloves when using  this product.
  • Do not reuse empty container
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • Do not ingest product
  • Keep out of reach of children
For more product information, see our SDS
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What does Iron OutŪ Outdoor do?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor is a product that actually changes rust and iron into a clear solution that easily rinses away. Iron OutŪ Outdoor can be used on virtually all outdoor surfaces.

Will Iron OutŪ Outdoor remove manganese stains?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor may remove manganese stains if used in a higher concentration. Make a paste; apply for 10 minutes and rinse. May be reapplied if necessary.

Where can I buy Iron OutŪ

As for all of our products, it is best to contact the retailer for availability before going to the store for purchase. Visit our WHERE TO BUY page to locate a store near you.

How do I use Iron OutŪ Outdoor on a vertical surface?

Simply apply Iron OutŪ Outdoor to affected surface. Work from the bottom of the surface to the top to avoid any incidental contact. Iron OutŪ Multi-Surface can be used for quick and easy application as well.

How do I use Iron OutŪ Outdoor on concrete?

To use Iron OutŪ Outdoor on concrete, apply solution to the affected area and use a firm bristled brush or broom to work product into the concrete. Reapply as needed. A garden sprayer may also be used if necessary. Iron OutŪ Outdoor is plant safe, so it may be used near vegetation.

What are some of the surfaces Iron OutŪ Outdoor can be applied to?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor is safe to use on most exterior surfaces including aluminum, vinyl, chrome, wood, metal siding, vinyl siding, concrete, masonry, stucco, brick, paint, fiberglass, glass, stone, granite, lexan, limestone, marble, paint, rubber, slate, stainless steel, plastic, asphalt and for applications such as driveways, sidewalks, poolside, decks, fences, boats, docks and much more.

Note: Use caution when applying to chrome, sealed pine wood, marble, or painted aluminum as tests have shown adverse results with extended application time. As for all of our products, never leave solution on a surface longer than the recommend time according to the product label.

Can I use Iron OutŪ Outdoor in swimming pool water?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor is not recommended for pool water because it is a skin and eye irritant and is difficult to filter out of the pool once added.

Can I use Iron OutŪ Outdoor on a swimming pool itself?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor is safe to use in an empty pool to remove staining from walls, liner, etc; just not in the pool water because of the possible negative reaction with chlorine.

Can I use Iron OutŪ Outdoor in a greensand filter?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor is not intended for use in a greensand filter.

Can I use Iron OutŪ Outdoor to clean filters?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor is not recommended for cleaning filters, instead using Iron OutŪ in powder form is recommended. Iron OutŪ can be used to clean pool filters and cloth filters, however, should not be used on any filter containing a media. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in cleaning filters. Iron OutŪ is not recommended for sediment filters. There is no way of knowing if the product is completely flushed out of a potable water line.

Is Iron OutŪ Outdoor safe for use in a well?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor is not recommended for use in a well.

Can I use Iron OutŪ Outdoor in my Hot Tub?

Iron OutŪ Outdoor is not recommended for use in a hot tub because we haven’t done any testing for this use in the past. We cannot guarantee that the product will not incur any damage.

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Super Iron Out Directions
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